PGNiG, ERU to supply natural gas to Ukrtransgaz

PGNiG, ERU to supply natural gas to Ukrtransgaz
Illustration purposes only (Image courtesy of PGNiG)

Polish Oil and Gas Company (PGNiG) and Energy Resources of Ukraine have been contracted to supply natural gas to Ukrtransgaz, Ukrainian gas transmission network and storage facilities operator.

The two companies will supply more than 200 million cubic meters of gas from October 2018 until May 1, 2019, exclusively for Ukrtransgaz’s own needs, PGNiG said in its statement.

Maciej Woźniak, Vice-President for Trade, PGNiG noted the company has been building its position in the Ukrainian market since 2016.

“We already supply our customers with gas from diverse sources and geographies, including LNG from Qatar, USA or Norway, gas from other European markets, and gas produced by PGNiG in Poland. I am sure that once the Baltic Pipe is brought on stream to transmit gas from Norway to Poland, our position as a reliable and competitive supplier in the region will strengthen markedly,” he said.

Since August 2016 till the end of June 2018, PGNiG has exported more than 1.3 bcm of natural gas to Ukraine partnering with ERU in the market.

The companies commenced their gas supplies to Ukrtransgaz in April 2017.

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