Connecting gears of the energy transition

The energy transition is one of the greatest challenges of our time.

LNG-powered cement tanker Greenland delivered

Dutch shipbuilder Ferus Smit said it has delivered the LNG-powered cement tanker Greenland. After a program of ...

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First LNG bunkering for cement tanker Greenland

LNG-powered cement tanker Greenland was bunkered on Saturday for the first time with the chilled fuel at the Ferus ...

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Ferus Smit launches LNG-powered cement tanker

Ferus Smit launches first LNG-powered cement tanker

Ferus Smit informed that the LNG-powered cement tanker Greenland was christened and launched at the company's ...

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Ferus Smit: LNG-powered cement carrier to be launched in Oct

Ferus Smit to launch LNG-powered cement carrier in October

Ferus Smit revealed that on October 31 it will launch the LNG-powered M.V. Greenland at its Westerbroek Yard.

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Ferus Smit to Build LNG Powered Ships for Erik Thun

Swedish shipping company Erik Thun A.B. has granted Shipyard Ferus Smit the order for building an LNG powered cargo ...

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