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USA: One LNG Cargo Imported in Nov

The U.S. imported only one liquefied natural gas cargo in November, according to the U.S. Department of Energy ...

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South Korea Nov LNG Imports Up 9.7 Percent

South Korea, the world’s second-largest buyer of LNG, imported 3.28 million tonnes of LNG in November, up 9.7% from ...

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Japan: Utilities Nov LNG Usage Rises 1.9 Percent YoY

The ten regional electric power companies in Japan consumed 4.6 million tonnes of LNG in November, up 1.9 percent ...

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Japan: Tepco Nov LNG Imports at 2.13 Million Tonnes

Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) of Japan said its liquefied natural gas imports in November were at 2.13 million ...

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